Holiday Live

2022 Holiday Live is hosted by the Executive Director of PPMTv, Chad Cordner, Programming Manager, Roxie Zwicker, and Studio Operations Manager, Jake Webb. The show highlights favorite holiday memories and stories from your very own Seacoast locals.

Holiday Live is one of Portsmouth Public Media’s signature events completely created and produced by PPMtv staff, members and volunteers!  Each show is performed with a studio audience and is broadcast live over the airwaves.

The shows always have their own unique theme, stage set, and actors who convey the warmth and festivity of the season.   Some of our past performances depicted classic old time radio shows, friends telling stories around a fire in a cozy living room, and another included a full array of our local producers and community celebrities all coming and going to visit the set and spread holiday greetings.  A good time is always had by all.

You can watch last year’s performance below and click on the icon in the top left of the video to see our ‘Holiday Live’ playlist!